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Consulting Services

I specialize in Sybase database design and administration, in designing and developing client-side applications in C and perl (using OpenClient) and in writing ad-hoc Open Servers.

I am available for short or long term consulting contracts - please send me an email at for details.

Sybase and perl

Perl is a really powerful tool. It can be used both to write small system administration scripts, and large complex systems. I discovered perl back in 1990, and immediately saw the utility of adding Sybase support to the language. The first version of sybperl (the Sybase OpenClient extension to perl) was released in 1991, and has since evolved considerably. You will find documentation and source for sybperl and other perl and Sybase related packages in the Freeware section of this site.

I have discontinued the sybperl-l mailing list but the archives are still availble here :

I have also recently taken over the maintenance of sqsh, the isql replacement written by Scott C. Gray. The sqsh project has been moved to SourceForge.

Sybase and linux

Sybase released a free version of Adaptive Server Enterprise (for both development and production) a few years ago, and I found that really interesting, so I started following it. As there are quite a few newcomers to Sybase that start with the Linux version I decided to start a FAQ, which can be found on this site.

Sybase offers the ASE Express Edition version of ASE. This is a special version that has some limitations, but that is free for both development and production. See for more information.

The International Sybase User Group (ISUG)

I'm a past board member of the International Sybase User Group (ISUG). I strongly encourage you to become a member. The cost is currently US$95 per year for a complete membership, and the benefits are really worth it (several books, educational discounts, conference discounts... and a free copy of Adaptive Server Anywhere!)
There are several electronic mailing lists that are handled by the ISUG. The most important to me is which has been set up as a meeting point for everyone who is interested in Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise on linux.
See Sybase on Linux for more information.